D’arcy Thompson Zoology Museum

D’arcy Thompson Zoology Museum

This Museum house of the university is one of the fascinating specimens from all around the world. The celebrated D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson collected the maximum of the specimens. At Dundee, he was the first professor of biology, and there are many Images on this site with proof of the fraction of the collection.

Opening Hours

As the Museum is for treating the students on the regular days at the University, The Museum is not open every day. However, it is open on the second Saturday afternoon of every month and the Friday afternoons while the summer vacations are on. It is also available on some of the occasional days, such as Easter and doors open day. The appointment for a visit can be taken at other times also.

Exhibition in the zoology museum

The Gaff-

zoology museum

The Gaff was created by David Blyth and Nick Gordon inspired by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s specimens. Their Response for this Scientific visionary man features a wide range of sculptured works, which helps explore ideas of material culture and accept the code of Museum experience.

Botanica Mathematica

As the name suggests, botanica Mathematica is an exhibition in the museum, which is the textile taxonomy of Plant forms inspired by mathematics. Madeline Shepherd and Julia Collins created this combined idea from D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s On Growth and Form, fractals, computer science and hyperbolic geometry.

Pole Tay Pole

Dundee literary festival

This is an exhibition created by the laboratory illustration students from Jordan stone college of art and design in Dunkin inspired by the artworks of historical connections with polar exploration and whaling.

Main Collections

The primary collection in the museum is the sculpture of different species, which are indeed an excellent experience for the zoology students to learn more about these creatures and species in detail.


On growth and form hundred

it is an international celebration for most of the influential book writers from Dundee. It is a three-day interdisciplinary conference organised and the university where D’Arcy spent most of his time and career surviving his precious collections.

Free public lecture

as a part of the growth and form hundred conference, the computer scientist Stephen Wolfram is the unique key, not lecture, which is also an internationally renowned person speaking about the influence of D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson on his work and computational form development.

Dundee literary festival

The theme for this year’s festival is growth and form. Matthew Jarron, who is the curator, will discuss the book and its influence on this event. Also, there will be a chance to buy the new Publications that celebrate the hundred years centenary.

Creative coding

This is a workshop for designing and coding by Genetic Moo to learn animation and artificial life. You need to create your virtual organisations with computer art. you can learn how to design your creatures digitally in the first half of the session, where you can experiment with different body parts sensors and muscles.

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