D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, The Man Who Shaped Art And Biology

D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, The Man Who Shaped Art And Biology

The biologist and classicist D’Arcy Thompson in 1884, big and assembling a research and teaching museum in Dundee. He was an energetic natural diplomat and philanthropist; Thompson had a wide range of friends and contacts who were members of Dundee’s whaling community. They provided him with unique and extraordinary specimens of Arctic fauna.

There was a drastic tragedy in 1956 where the building that house the collection of Thomson were dispersed because of the demolition of the University’s natural history department. Many Scholars are trying to recover the treasury collections ever since.

It is not a genuine problem as it is apart because of the advances in digitisation making a change in the priority of collection all over the world. The great scholars say that Thompson has outgrown Dundee, and he does not belong to that alone but the world. Thomson died in 1948, Along with Charles Darwin, as the most cultured influential English speaking by largest in the history of science.

Landmark book


Thompson had described it as all preface for his Landmark book. Thomson talks more about Darwin in the expanded version of 1942, neither the first edition nor the revised edition. Even in the 1940s, the distraction is nothing more than genetics, he considered.

Thomson understood that the problem and described his Landmark has all preface: the territory that is a sketch and lacked the mathematical skill to penetrate.

Fascinated Organisms

Tiny, single-celled organisms such as radiolaria and foraminifera fascinated him. he was sure there is no evolutionary role in these widely diverse shell shapes. There emerged from the self-organising property they have in them and arise at random but not from any biological code.

Caught up in Genetic revolution

The genetic Revolution got most of Thomson’s contemporaries by synthesising the conflicting demands seemingly of chromosomal  Genetics and Darwinian selection theory. The book written by Thomson has always been a classic text, and not even a single person doubted the importance of Thomson. But few at the same time knew what to do with him.



Artists from different universities knew precisely what to do and in the exhibition combined with the University of Dundee of own collection of biomorphic Thompsonesque art with Commission. The standards of several art pieces were by the students you were studying in Jordan stone college of art and design.

To the credit, Alma’s matter of Thomson has never been slowed down to exploit the meticulous and beautiful work of straddled Art and Science. It also dedicates the art-science crossover gallery and offers medical art degrees, digital processes with traditional illustration, anime, and medical imaging. The centenary e off on growth and form is the making in operation, but the influence of Thomson is Deep and abiding on the university.

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