The Scientist Who Cracked A Biology Mystery Using Math!

The Scientist Who Cracked A Biology Mystery Using Math!

Do the fishes get into the same shape if you stretch them?

Is there any theory for the shape of fishes? It might feel kind of like asking for a simple Program and asking for the forms that they produce. D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson is a person who made everyone think as it’s not the kind of thing which anyone could ever ask in most of the history of biology.

D'Arcy Thompson

A hundred years later-

It’s nearly been a hundred years since D’Arcy Thompson’s first edition of Magnum Opus got published. He used various ideas from physics and Mathematics to discuss the questions worldwide about biological growth and form. The most famous pages of his books are the ones which are about the shapes of fish.

Stretch the Fish!

The famous page of his book said about the stretching of any kind of fish. If you stretch one type of fish, it looks similar to the other regardless of how you stretch it. It is not clear what It is actually to ask is exciting and as it is to say about the unknown facts and the bookings On Growth and Form is an exceptional topic that has fascinating questions with some curious and interesting answers.

British Victorian Academic

A British Victorian Academic

D’Arcy Thompson was a quintessential British Victorian Academic who stepped in the classics and wrote books with unique titles like “A Glossary of Greek Fishes.” This is one book that described a fish in Greek texts classically.  He was also a natural scientist and was very interested in physics and Mathematics.

Rubber sheets and stretches

He entertained his daughter at Christmas time by drawing the dog’s picture on the Rubber sheer shine and stretching them to dachshunds from poodles. Not until he was aged to 57 that he turned such a pursuit into the piece of scholarship that is “On Growth and Form.”



Darwinism is the dominant explanation in biology at the time of Thompson’s time, to a large extent. The idea of his, which was truly unique, is that the things are in the way as such because they have evolved somehow to get to this way. He actually didn’t think it was an essential part of the story. Still, He thought many natural forms are in their own way as it is an inevitable feature of the Mathematics of geometrical shapes and physics of biological tissues.

Jellyfishes and water

His story or the explanations were a great success in many cases, but it used to fall a little flat in some. His other theories say that the leaves are not in shape like polar plots of trigonometric functions. The drops of ink in water are not the shape of jellyfish. But he tells the truth and explains it well. The closest geometrical disk packings are Hexagonal. Logarithms are formed by sheep horns and nautilus shells.

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